HMC Installs

HMC Installs

Introducing the New HMC Installs Program

For many years, customers have asked Havelock Metal Co. (HMC) if we provide installation services. These customers wish to work with HMC as their trusted single point of contact for high-quality materials and complete installation, delivering a worry-free turnkey solution. HMC listened, and we are happy to announce that we now offer a complete turnkey solution, including installing our products.

For customers who desire a complete solution, we now offer installation of HMC materials.
Customer benefits include:

  • Time savings and peace of mind – the customer has a single point of contact at HMC who looks after project coordination
  • Complete no-surprise pricing for the materials and install bundle
  • Contract with HMC only. Payment to HMC only
  • Full project coordination by HMC for materials order, delivery and installation
  • Warranty coverage through HMC
  • Comfort dealing with a reputable company that has been working continuously in the metal solution industry since 1993 and has completed jobs in nearly every Province across Canada

Total Flexibility for All Customers

Rest assured, customers can continue to deal with HMC just as they have in the past if that is their preference. Customers can still:

  • Purchase materials only directly from HMC
  • Be provided with contractor details from HMC if the customer does not need or want the complete HMC Installs service offering
  • Pick up materials in the HMC yard or have them delivered
  • HMC Installs is an additional service offering to give customers more options to work with HMC most effectively for their situation.
Committed to Quality

Committed to Quality

HMC Installs works only with reliable, courteous, insured professional installers who are highly skilled in their trade.

HMC Installs is perfect for customers who are too busy to coordinate these projects themselves, are uncomfortable doing so or want the peace of mind of dealing directly with HMC for the complete solution. Please ask any of our Product Specialists for further information.